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JohnPaul Kusz, president of JP Kusz, Ltd.

In collaboration with business, government, non-government groups and other stakeholders, JohnPaul Kusz, president of JP Kusz, Ltd., facilitates the making and remaking of innovative product, business, and system models that are intentionally designed to address the inherent risks of our current models while advancing a healthier environment, society and economy.

A recognized and creative practitioner and educator in sustainable design, business and environmental management, JohnPaul employs a “Learn-Think-Do” approach that engages our collective consciousness and the confluence of our knowledge to effect real “sustainable” change...

He believes that by working together we can achieve a sustainable - “healthy” - economy attending to the needs of individuals who live in a community, the businesses that service the community and provide vital commercial activity, and natural attributes such as clean air, water, and the open spaces that define both the environment and the quality of our lives.

Windy City Turbine

CITA-Wind, a French company, has developed a unique technology for small wind turbines.  The design of the wind turbine incorporates a fairing around the circumference of the three rotor blades that enhances the wind passing the rotors.  In wind tunnel tests, this design generated 45% more electrical power than current wind turbines of similar size.

The company has built a 12 kW prototype unit that will be installed in the Chicago for testing and validation of its performance.  The company is currently seeking $250,000 to install, operate and test the prototype unit, and upon successful confirmation of its performance will be seeking $1.25 million for production, marketing and sales of commercial units.

George P. Nassos and Associates is partnering with CITA-Wind to develop the Windy City Turbine.

J. T. Katrakis and Associates, Inc.

J. T. Katrakis and Associates assists its clients in any facet of managing energy use and costs while maintaining and/or enhancing the environment. They are experienced with energy efficiency technologies, energy load management, on-site power generation and obtaining low-cost and reliable utility services.

This company is also focusing on a Retro-Commissioning program in conjunction with ComEd, the electrical energy provider in the Northeast portion of Illinois.  Retro-Commissioning provides building owners the expertise and resources to identify energy efficiency improvements at their eligible facilities and then to take it to the next step--actually implement the low-cost items that have the quickest return-on-investment so they can quickly benefit from lower energy costs.  The improvements can also result in an improved indoor environment that enhances comfort and productivity.


George P. Nassos and Associates is working with Katrakis to introduce this new technology to major clients in the Chicago area.

Greener Dealz

GreenerDealz offers environmentally-conscious consumers a daily introduction to local sustainable businesses which provide green products and services to their communities.

GreenerDealz wants to make going green accessible to everyone.  By introducing consumers to earth-friendly alternatives in various cities, it wants to help consumers do better things for their body, their family, and the planet.

George P. Nassos and Associates has been retained as an advisor to GreenerDealz

Intelligent Generation

Intelligent Generation has developed an integrated hardware/software platform that combines battery storage with renewable energy sources like solar to triple a building owner's energy cost savings.  It consists of two parts: the IG PowerBroker and network.  Each PowerBroker is linked to IG’s network, creating the equivalent of a virtual power plant.  The scale and intelligent management of the network allows it to provide additional benefits to the building owner on top of the PowerBroker's cost savings.

The PowerBroker box forecasts the building’s hourly electricity consumption based on historical patterns and weather.  Using this forecast, the thin client computes the most economical way to satisfy this consumption based on market rates and the building’s predicted production of renewable energy.  The battery stores enough cheap electricity from the grid and free electricity from renewable sources to supply the building during peak demand periods.

George P. Nassos and Associates is working with IG to introduce this new technology to major clients in the U.S.

Sustainable Energy Systems, LLC

Sustainable Energy Systems, LLC (SES) is a company dedicated to the development, marketing and sales of renewable energy systems. With the pending shortage of fossil fuels and the associated release of carbon emissions, there is today an even greater need for renewable energy.  SES delivers small waste-to-energy systems that can solve the handling of many different waste streams and at the same time provide the continuous generation of power. SES is the exclusive distributor of the patented AgriPower technology serving the Pulp & Paper and Waste industries, including their international locations.  SES also serves the U.S.-based facilities of foreign corporations in these two industries. Each unit of this unique technology can process up to one ton of waste per hour and produce 250 to 500 kilowatts of electricity.

George P. Nassos and Associates is the principal shareholder of SES and serves as the president of the company.


Center for Sustainability and Excellence

The Center for Sustainability and Excellence was established in 2004 and is a leading global sustainability (CSR) consulting, coaching, and training firm. CSE is a boutique firm that assists clients to achieve higher performance, build brand loyalty and innovate through the continuous integration of sustainability principles into their culture, products and/or services.

CSE’s public and private sector clients benefit from our expertise in serving diverse sectors, markets and organizational cultures in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Worldwide Activities Include: Projects, Conferences, Workshops and various other activities.

George P. Nassos is an advisor to CSE and a frequent contributor to the CSE workshops.

Quality Training Institute, Inc.

Quality Training Institute is an institution of training, development, professional growth and continuing education that helps organizations achieve and sustain operational excellence. It consists of professional business experts for corporate training and individual coaching. The company also offers consulting services to specifically address the business needs of the organization.  The programs offered are:

  1. Environmental Sustainability

  2. Business & Management

  3. Quality Training

  4. IT Management

  5. Leadership

  6. Career Planning

  7. Organic Health

The company also offers consulting services in:

  1. Lean Six-Sigma

  2. Project Management

  3. Total Quality Mgmt.

  4. Client-Service Excellence

  5. Business Health

  6. Professional Websites

  7. IT Consulting Services

  8. Sustainability Strategies

  9. Business Plan Design

  10. Financial Consulting

  11. Curriculum Development

  12. Property Tax Appeal

  13. Professional Coaching

George P. Nassos and Associates is on the Board of Directors of QTI and is a principal trainer for the company.

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